Saturday, 13 August 2016


Sultan Movie

       This is an  Indian Hollywood movie. It is very interesting movie. I watched this movie four times. In this movie the role of the hero "Sultan" whose name is " Salman Khan" is very interesting, watchable and excited. In this movie the hero feel the insult and then he struggle and made himself the real hero "The Sultan".
       Then the proud made house in his heart and he lost his son who he named as "Aman". Then he became very disappointed and start wasting himself in vulgar activities. then a man saw him his real value, his real reflection in the mirror then he work hard and win the whole world. 

       His action and fighting is so exiting and enjoyable. I very like the background music" uper ALLAH, nichy dharti beech ma tara janoon" and the song "baby ko base pasand  ha".the acting of heroin is also fantastic but no as such as the hero"SULTAN". 

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