Monday, 22 August 2016



                               I love the way how some journalists and so called cricket experts, who tried their best to have Misbah removed from captaincy, are now celebrating Pakistan's rise to number one. They were the ones who held him responsible for every Pakistan defeat.
                              He was portrayed as such a negative figure by media that even if he had found a cure for cancer someone would have still blamed him for doing it wrongly.
                              Today, after vain efforts of six years, they will have to report on Pakistan rise to the top under Misbah, the most successful captain of Pakistan.

                                 And this is Misbah's victory outside the cricket field. I had never seen a player getting as much stick from media as he was given during these six years. The man has nerves of steel and is an absolute legend of bloke.

More power to you, Misbah!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016



     There are a lot of problems in our daily life. Due to these problems the person get depressed and take the tension. For the resolution of these problems every person take the path of entertainment. Some of the people entertain them self by watching movies, some by dramas and some by playing games. Mostly the children plays the games.

    Games are of many types, Physical games, Theoretical games, puzzles and Computer games etc. these games are very important for the children. Specially the physical games. Physical  games keep  the children healthy and strong.

   Physical games includes Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton and the games plays in the villages etc. The children of villages are healthy then those of cities because of games. Games are very important for the fitness and health. We should play the  game on regular basis. It keep us save from many diseases. Morning walk and exercise is the most important of them.      

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Today’s Cricket Match

Today’s Cricket Match

    There is a cricket match held on 14 August 2016 between Pakistan and India. I got up early in the morning. Get ready and start watching the match. In the start the match was so exciting but after some time the match become bored. None of England player performs good and none of the Pakistan.

     In the start the match was very excited but after some time the match become bored. Pakistani team won the toss and does the batting first and made the score round about 225. None of the player performs well. I turned of the match and start watching the movie.

    I feel more entertained in watching movie then watching that cricket match. The movie was about 12 years old  but is interesting then watching that match for me.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Sultan Movie

       This is an  Indian Hollywood movie. It is very interesting movie. I watched this movie four times. In this movie the role of the hero "Sultan" whose name is " Salman Khan" is very interesting, watchable and excited. In this movie the hero feel the insult and then he struggle and made himself the real hero "The Sultan".
       Then the proud made house in his heart and he lost his son who he named as "Aman". Then he became very disappointed and start wasting himself in vulgar activities. then a man saw him his real value, his real reflection in the mirror then he work hard and win the whole world. 

       His action and fighting is so exiting and enjoyable. I very like the background music" uper ALLAH, nichy dharti beech ma tara janoon" and the song "baby ko base pasand  ha".the acting of heroin is also fantastic but no as such as the hero"SULTAN".