Monday, 22 August 2016



                               I love the way how some journalists and so called cricket experts, who tried their best to have Misbah removed from captaincy, are now celebrating Pakistan's rise to number one. They were the ones who held him responsible for every Pakistan defeat.
                              He was portrayed as such a negative figure by media that even if he had found a cure for cancer someone would have still blamed him for doing it wrongly.
                              Today, after vain efforts of six years, they will have to report on Pakistan rise to the top under Misbah, the most successful captain of Pakistan.

                                 And this is Misbah's victory outside the cricket field. I had never seen a player getting as much stick from media as he was given during these six years. The man has nerves of steel and is an absolute legend of bloke.

More power to you, Misbah!

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